Sunday, February 6, 2011

Petalicious Cuff Update

I am so sorry that I have been negligent in posting updates. I have been working on this cuff for a VERY long time. I have stopped occasionally to do other quickie pieces of jewelry, but not often. The only excuse that I can claim is that it has been very difficult to find time to just sit down and bead, and I really don't know why because one of my kids is at college! I have to finish this row of petals and there is a stand-up ruffle of petals around the stone and then three clasp parts on each there is still quite a lot to do. I will try to get photos of the pieces I've made while working on this, but like I said...they are quickies...earrings, rings, and eyeglass leashes...and I think a chain-mail type bracelet. Thanks for being patient with me.