Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Have you ever made a piece of jewelry that you don't know why you made it and you're glad you're finished with it?  This looks like a bridal piece.  I'm already married and not planning on getting married again anytime soon.  I guess I can give it as a present or even save it for my daughter for when she gets married.  This is a simple pattern, but it was a stinker to make because of the way the pattern was written.  The pattern was perfect until you got to the "V" and then it said basically "reverse what you did for the first side".  I had to think too  I can't remember which magazine the pattern was in...It turned out beautifully, but I would probably have gotten more use out of it had I maybe made it with black pearls and copper crystals?  Not going to make another one, though.