Saturday, April 25, 2009

Space Cadet

Here's my doll that I have been working on FOREVER. To be honest, the reason that she took forever was because she was a "to-go" project. I kept her in the car and worked on her when I was away from home...never AT home. She started out as a Snow Queen or Ice Princess, but everyone kept asking me if she was an astronaut, so I decided to call her my "Space Cadet." The crown was my daughter, Rachel's, idea. I made a "Crystal Burst" ring from Laura McCabe's book just so I could be able to say that I knew I would never wear it because I would end up knocking the embellishment off. And I hate for things to go to waste and I didn't want to undo, my Space Cadet has a crown. I really enjoyed creating her, but it will be a LONGGG time before I do another one!


  1. cool space cadet. hey they take on the personality that they want...not what we want.

  2. She's beautiful! I made one beaded front and back and it took me almost 7 months. I vowed I wouldn't make another one so big again.